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FullStack Developer. These day in love with React.

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Abhishek Nalwaya

Developer based out of India

Abhishek is author of the book, React Native of iOS Development, RubyMotion iOS Development Essentials and Rhomobile Beginner's Guide published by Packt publications. He is Technology enthusiast and can talk in Ruby, JavaScript, Objective C and Java. He occasionally speak at conferences such as RubyMotion Inspect Brussels, RubyConfIndia2012, RubyConfIndia2013, BeingAgile and many more.

Abhishek latest book React Native iOS development is hands-on guide to developing native iOS apps using Javascript.

RubyMotion iOS Development Essentials is a hands-on book for developing iOS apps using RubyMotion. With RubyMotion, you can eliminate the complexity and confusion associated with the development of iOS applications using Objective-C

Rhomobile Beginner's Guide is filled with practical examples to help you to create a mobile application from scratch. You can choose on which operating system to build, as well as for which smartphone to develop your application, giving you the freedom to create a customized mobile application quickly and easily.


6 Conference Talk
3 Books
31 Cites Travelled

My Story

Have worked in Ruby, ReactJS, RubyMotion, iOS, AngularJS and lot of technologies.

Work Experience

2012 - now

Tech Lead @ Mckinsey & Company

from 2012 to present day

Mckinsey Digital Labs

I create amazing application for our Clients

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2010 - 2012

Senior Software Developer @ Column Technogy

from 2010 to 2012

Product Developer

Developer for product development team, responsible for development of mobile applications based on Rhodes framework by Rhomobile. Major technologies which I am working are Rhodes, Rhosync, Ruby and ROR(Ruby on Rails).

2008- 2010

Developer @ Tata Consultancy Services

from 2008 to 2010


Working with agile methodology using scrum and providing end to end solution for top US consulting firm at TCS. Skill set includes Ruby on Rails, JQuery, prototype, Java and Omniture.


2004 - 2008

Vellore Institute of Technology

from 2004 to 2008

I am good at

  • Web Application 100%
  • iOS Development 100%
  • JavaScript 80%
  • User Experience 70%
  • Photography 90%
  • Partying 100%

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My Blog


React and Redux best practices

Posted by Abhishek | 02 May 2016

React and Redux best practices...

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Swift language review

Posted by Abhishek | 29 Jul 2014

Since Swift is a young language it has borrowed goodies of both scripting languages and compiled languages....

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Using camera with RubyMotion

Posted by Abhishek | 29 Dec 2012

The `UIImagePickerController` class provides basic, customizable user interfaces for taking pictures and movie...

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RubyMotion form elements

Posted by Abhishek | 06 Sep 2012

I have elburate how can we create form element in RubyMotion...

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One night with Ruby and MongoDB

Posted by Abhishek | 26 Aug 2012

I feel that this book is written keeping in mind that you are new to NoSQL and mongoDB...

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Ruby Motion Review

Posted by Abhishek | 07 Aug 2012

RubyMotion is much faster then phongap,titanium, rhodes and other framework....

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Which mobile platform is the best Native or Web app ?

Posted by Abhishek | 28 Feb 2012

Mobilize your website: Native App or Mobile Web?...

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  • abhishek@nalwaya.com

  • Gurgaon, India